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About Us

The ICHAF Training Institute, (Almenta 240 ICHAF), is a South African TVET College , (Technical Vocational Education and Training College)

ICHAF has been in existence since 2010 and was founded by Devan Moonsamy, who is still ICHAF’s Executive Director today.

Devan and his team, with more than a decade of corporate training experience, have over the years developed 100 of training programmes and have upskilled thousands of learners nationally within the corporate and government sectors. ICHAF is Accredited with the Services SETA decision number 4068 as well as the MICT SETA. ICHAF, which is an acronym for the I Can Help Africa Foundation, has a firm belief that education and skills development initiatives are the cornerstone of a successful family, business, organization and institution.



Providing Quality Training and Organizational Development Services through combining Superior Facilitation Methodology and Cutting-edge Curriculum.


To enhance the learning experience by supporting the learners during contact sessions, working within the SAQA framework but still promoting lateral implementation strategies.


Devan Moonsamy

Founder / Executive Director
Devan is passionate about learning and development and founded ICHAF in his early 20s. Early on in his career he recognized his talent in the area of facilitation and realized his commitment to people development thus turing these skills into his livelihood. Devan is a published author and motivational speaker. Click on this link to download the audio version of My Leadership Legacy Journal, Written By Devan Moonsamy. Devan holds a qualification in Occupationally Directed Education Practices (ODETDP), as well as these other academic qualifications: LLB UNISA, Generic Management NQF4 and NQF5, Business Administration NQF3 and NQF4, Strategic Management NQF6 NWU, and he is currently studying Psychology through Wits.

Evellin Naidoo

Learning and Development Manager

Evellin is a skilled facilitator who is also responsible for business relationship management. With more than 18 years corporate training experience Evellin understands the business very well and takes a personal interest in the development of our learners. As a seasoned faciliator she manages the Facilitators Department and ensures our Trainers are always well prepared and well equipped to provide the best learning experience to your staff.

Linda Kapfidze

Senior Administrator

Linda has been with the company for 6 years. Her experience with the various SETA’s over the years has allowed her to control learner uploads and registrations, handle various SETA/ Admin queries, and facilitate the remedial, assessment and moderation processes.

Ronel Bunting


Ronel offers professional and friendly customer service acquiring experience spending many skilled years in the corporate working environment. She is our administrative officer and ensures queries are handled efficiently and clients are satisfied.

Tracey Gunter


Tracey has over 30 years of work experience which varies from corporate office environments to the fast tracked retail sector. With these various skills acquired over the years, she is our office admin support and the tender coordinator. 
With a natural eagerness to learn from others and continuously grow, she is a good fit for the learning and development industry.

Ruth Rogers

Internal SSETA Moderator

Ruth is our internal Moderator and has more than 40 years years ETQA experience. Her professional expertise and insight she gained over the years, ensures her work and credibilty is of high quality. She is our internal moderator and ensures our learning material always meets the SETA requirements.

Sharlini Naidoo

Learnership and Soft Skills Facilitator

Sharlini is a skilled facilitator for various learner-ships and soft skills programs. As a young vibrant individual she passionately influences the corporate worksplace with her innovative touch. She is also computer and technology savvy and conducts various Microsoft related training.

Memory Moyo

Learnership Facilitator

Memory Moyo is our learnership facilitator. She has been in the education field for more than eight years . She is a constituent assessor with Services SETA in various learnership programs . She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. She enjoys working with learners from all walks of life and gets her satisfaction from their success.

Sheron Rambanapsi


More info about Sheron Rambanapsi coming soon.

Cephas Mureri

Internal pre-assessor

Cephas holds a BCOM Honors Degree in Risk Management and Insurance. He has vast experience and knowledge in portfolio management, insurance underwriting, marketing insurance products as well as risk surveying. With all his relative experience in the education system as a facilitator and Portfolio Assessor he is our Internal Assessor.

Quintin Van Rooyen

Internal Constituent Assessor

Quintin holds a BCOM degree and hold an accreditation as a qualified Assessor for various Leanership programs. He joined ICHAF in 2014 and also assists with Office Administration and is our in-house assessor for some programs and qualifications.

Bronwyn King

Internal Editor / Content Developer

Having her own small business in Cape Town offering language editing, writing and transcription services, Bronwyn is an academic editing master. She is responsible for editing all training material and ensures that our learners get the best quality. Having written and published numerous articles she now joins ICHAF as an editor, writer and trainer.

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