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Welcome toThe ICHAF Training Institute

Training with Passion, Development through Assessment, Implementation with the end Result in Mind, Leaving a legacy through Individual, Organizational, African & Global Empowerment

High Impact Diversity Training for your organization

Leadership Training for your organization


Microsoft Training for your organization


Full Learnerhsips for your organization


Accredited Skills Programmes for your organization

SETA Accreditied Training

Accreditation Number: 4068

The ICHAF Training Institute is an Accredited Training Service Provider Recognized by the SETA (Services Sector Education Training Authority) Accreditation Number: 4068 We offer a range of both Accredited & Soft Skills Training Courses to suit the training needs of any corporate.

With more than a decade of experience in the field of corporate learning and development we at ICHAF understand the needs, demands and desired outcomes that are synonymous with large corporates. Our programmes can be customized to suit any industry and only the latest in curriculum design is what we deliver to our learners.